Saturday, May 17, 2008

Herbie Barnes and Wasps

*diez and iz ded*

On Friday I clicked "send" and mailed in my 15-page research paper, officially ending the semester. Woohoo! As if that wasn't joyous enough, I received another surprise. In my junk mail was an automated MySpace message, reading "herbie has just sent you a message on MySpace"! I stopped breathing and had to take a moment before I logged in to my account.

Who is Herbie, you ask? Herbie Barnes! An actor and playwright of the Toronto area. See?

But most importantly to us, he played Jesse Three Bears in the film Spirit Rider alongside Adam Beach and Graham Greene and Michelle St. John. And Spirit Rider happened to be the film that my sister, cousin and I fell in love with over winter break and parodied in our film Spirit Rider: How to Ruin a Life.

Back in January, I sent the links to Herbie via MySpace and yesterday got a response. He loved it so much that he praised it as "a must see," "better than the original," and said that he was passing it along to Adam Beach and Graham Greene, and asked for a hard copy. How amazing is that?!

My sister and I were in a very happy place all day. As we got in the car for a day of shopping downtown by the coast in an attempt to escape the 103 degree heat, I remarked, "You know, even if we end up these old homeless ladies on the street, we can still know that our lives amounted to something. Herbie Barnes, Adam Beach and Graham Greene saw our movie!"

In fact, after shopping I was walking through the garage, apparently with my mouth hanging open like this because I was still star-struck -

- when a wasp (maybe it was a yellow jacket) flew into my mouth! I felt like Winnie the Pooh when he accidentally eats all of those bees in his quest for honey and has to spew them out. I spit and spat and felt the bugger sting the inside of my lip. He (or she?) was quickly spit out and wandering around on the pavement, looking just as stunned as me. And trust me - he tasted terrible. I ran inside claiming a Thewlis had tried to French kiss me. (Ignore the Thewlis reference - it's an inside joke having to do with David Thewlis).

Luckily he didn't get the chance to pump in much poison and it's already hardly visible. Here's what it looked like shortly after:

Though it did bring back traumatizing memories of June last year when I was hopping about on the lawn in my sundress like a 5-year old, eating a banana, when suddenly I stepped on a bee in the clover. I got a full dose and my foot swelled up so bad that I couldn't walk for three days. And it was in the middle of a heat wave, just like now, so it perpetually itched and throbbed. Ice was my best friend.

Anyway! I was still so happy over the wonderful news that I didn't even care that I'd been stung in the mouth. I mean, imagine how horrifying it must've been for the wasp... you're flying around, not paying attention to where you're going, distracted over where to find some real estate, when suddenly you're inside a giant mouth that is spitting you out. Scary stuff.

If you missed it, here's Spirit Rider: How to Ruin a Life:

Part 1

Part 2

Thank you, Herbie Barnes!

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Melissa said...

I thought I was the only one who know of Herbie Barnes!!! YA ANOTHER FAN!!!!!!!! *bounces*

And lucky you, finished semester! I have a 10 page paper to write for History Through Film,-possibly on the Nazi Racial Policies represented through both written history and modern film... Which is due on the 25th of June and then I'm for another year!

If it makes you feel better, the first gorgeous day of the year so far, I decided to go outside and lay in the sun, so I did it before it got to 20C (something like 72F) and from my neck to my feet, and arms are BURNT, like so burnt I can not move without pain, and they are red as red can be!