Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I Almost Forgot

I almost forgot. This is the prize we won for 9th place. Apparently whoever picked this out thought that I really was Gertie the slash fan, since it's a rather large piece of apparel. Oh well. I now have a new super cool dress.

Melissa - I grew up on a horse's butt behind the Western saddle, riding with my dad, but in 4-H I was trained English, too. :o) I competed in a couple of horse shows doing posting and such, and always appreciated that the English saddle was small and lightweight so I could tack up by myself. I eventually got taller and could tack up Western, but now I almost always ride bareback. ;o)

I'll make another entry tomorrow... however in a disguise!

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Melissa said...

Lucky you!

My Nanny's mother had a farm, and thats why I started riding, I was more into Dressage though, I really loved that.
But alas, now living in what I like to call Wanna-Be-City-Central its kind of difficult to ride.

Even though my best friends daughter, who just turned two, already has an Arabian....